Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Join me TONIGHT for a FACEBOOK LIVE show for Annie's Publishing & CardMaker Magazine!

Hi! This is Sean. Join me TONIGHT at 7 p.m. Central Time on the CardMaker Magazine and Annie's Publishing Facebook pages for a FACEBOOK LIVE show!

I am honored to have been asked by Annie’s Publishing to host a Facebook Live show to make one of my favorite cards for you. BUT, making the card is not enough. I want this to be a great tutorial for you so that you are able to create this card on your own. You even have enough time to put some supplies together before 7 p.m. Central Time and then we will be able to create this card together!

Here are the tools and products that I used to create this card project:

  • Gina K. Designs “Friends Til The End” stamp set
  • Gina K Designs Pure Luxury Color Companions ink in: Dark Chocolate, Tomato Soup, Sweet Mango, Sweet Corn
  • Gina K. Designs Pure Luxury card stock in Dark Chocolate, 80 lb Layering Weight White and Gold Metallic
  • Gina K Designs Dark Chocolate Gingham ribbon

Creating our project:

Step 1: Take the tree stamp from the Friends Til The End stamp set and adhere it to a stamping block.

Step 2: The stamping block should be laying flat on the table stamp side up.

Step 3: Apply the Dark Chocolate ink to the tree until it is full saturated to your personal satisfaction.

Step 4: Apply stamp to the Gina K Designs Pure Luxury 80 lb Ivory card stock.

Step 5: Apply Steps 2-4 until you have achieved your desired look.

Step 6: Take two small stamping blocks and apply one leave stamp to each block.

Step 7: Apply colored stamped leaf images until you have achieved the desired look for each tree.

Step 8: Apply sentiment to a stamping block.

Step 9: Apply Gina K Designs Dark ink to the sentiment stamp.

Step 10: Position where the stamp will be on the card and stamp.

Step 11: Take the Dark Chocolate Gingham ribbon and adhere it to the Gina K Designs Metallic Gold cardstock.

Step 12: Adhere the stamped image on the Gina K Designs 80 lb Layering Weight Ivory card stock on to the Gina K Designs Dark Chocolate card stock.

Step 13: Adhere the Gina K Designs Dark Chocolate Layer on top of the Gina K Designs Gold Metallic layer.

Step 14: Adhere the Dark Chocolate and Gold Metallic later on to the Gina K Designs Dark Chocolate card base.

Here is the finished card! Super easy to make, but relaxing with all of the stamping!

Gather your materials and be ready for the Facebook Live event tonight that starts on the CardMaker Magazine and Annie’s Publishing Facebook pages.

Thank you for stopping by and I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Sean Fetterman
CardMaker Design Team


  1. Sean I just think you are amazing...Love your card and see you tonight:)
    congrats my friend.xo

  2. Wonderful Tutorial Sean! I love your card and I want to watch the video, but can't seem to find it! <3 :)

  3. Found it and Love it! Wonderful video! <3 :)


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